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Gifts for the Kiddos

Gift Guide for Toddlers and Babies1 Corolle Doll // 2 Easel // 3 Lion Umbrella // 4 Cow Apron // 5 Farm Wooden Puzzle // 6 Lucy Owl Stuffed Animal // 7 Flamingo Stuffed Animal // 8 Baby Doll Stroller // 9 Musical Egg Baby Rattle // 10 Pony Tails Soft Book // 11 Wooden Name Stool // 12 Wooden Animal Blocks // 13 Tutu and Headband // 14 Bibbie Bow Holder // 15 BlaBla Kids Lamb Pillow // 16 Finger Paint Set // 17 B. Toys Activity Block 

I am so excited about Christmas this year! At 20 months, Grace is still too young to understand about Santa (or at least I think she is?!) but she definitely understands the concept of opening presents! Here are a few things on her wish list and a few things she currently loves that would be the perfect gift for your little one under the tree.

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Eleven + Twelve Month Baby Favorites

I know I say this every month, but this age is so much fun! Gracie is really loving playing with toys, doing anything involving water, and hanging out outside. She still played with most of her toys from months nine and ten and was mainly interested in things that were not toys such as iphones, remote controls, toilet paper, etc. Here are a few of her (and my) other favorites for months eleven and twelve:

Eleven + Twelve Month Baby Favorites

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Nine + Ten Month Baby Favorites

Elephant BlaBla Doll / Zip-up Pajamas / Giraffe Lovey / Convertible Car Seat / Vitamix Blender / Bubble Bath / Walker / Lobster High Chair / Soft Shoes

Well, I really have fallen so far behind on the monthly baby favorite posts! I’ve combined months nine and ten since most of G’s favorites from month nine were still her favorites in month ten. Enjoy!

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Grace’s First Birthday Party!

Grace's First Birthday | Plum Pie

My baby girl is ONE! I can’t even believe how fast the past year has flown by. Each and every day with this little girl keeps getting better and better. She has so much personality already and is always laughing and smiling – unless of course, it is her first birthday party in which she refused to crack a smile for a single picture. Stubborn. We are in serious trouble.

I had always said that I would probably have a small party with family only for G’s first birthday. I had done a lot of event planning in a past job and have been over it ever since. Two months out, I started browsing on pinterest and things started spiraling out of control!

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Sweet Baby Valentine

Valentine Favorites for Baby | Plum Pie

1 Socks // 2 Pink Gingham Bubble // 3 Baby Hunter Boots (!) // 4 Pink Sparkly TOMS // 5 Burberry Dress // 6 Heart Hat and Mittens // 7 Heart Blanket // 8 Navy Heart Hat and Mittens // 9 Monogrammed Hat // 10 Pink Minnetonkas // 11 Pink Dots + Heart Suit // 12 Red Heart Suit // 13 Heart Striped Onesie // 14 Heart // 15 Valentine’s Book

We love a holiday over here, and the countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially on. Now that G is here, holidays are even more fun to celebrate. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Valentine inspired baby goodies for your viewing pleasure. And the good news is that many of these items can be worn year round.

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Grace’s Baby Food Favorites

Favorite Baby Foods (6-10 months) | Plum Pie

For some reason starting solids with Grace was so overwhelming to me. What do I start with? How do I cook? No salt, no oil, try something for four days until you try something new, allergic reaction or no allergic reaction, don’t try uncooked greens before nine months or try them before nine months. I mean, how do you cut through all of the noise? Continue reading

Baby Favorites: Eight Months

Baby Favorites: Eight Months | Plum Pie

1 Baby Einstein Musical Table // 2 Lamb Chime Ball // 3 Beaba Freezer Tray // 4 Spoons // 5 Puffs // 6 Boogie Wipes // 7 SmartNoggin Stik // 8 Owl Percussion Set // 9 Make Your Own Food Pouches Station // 10 Zoli Snack Container // 11 Zany Zoo Block

The months are going by so fast with Grace. I can’t believe that she is almost 9.5 months old! During her eighth month, she learned to crawl and all of a sudden, she was crawling fast. She pulls up on every single thing including my hair – yes you did read that right. She actually pulls hard on my hair to stand up. Ouch. And she said mama and dada even though I am positive that she has no idea what she is saying.

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Gifts for the New Mom or Mom to Be

Gifts for the New Mom or Mom to Be | Plum Pie

Lip Balm // Eye Mask // Diffuser // Book // Bamboobie Pads // Diaper Cake // Bamboo Blankets // iPad Mini // Rock n Play Sleeper // Sophie the Giraffe // Diaper Bag // Frame // New Mom Toiletries Pack // Burp Cloth Bibs // Serenity Star // Gown

Next up in the gift guide series are gifts for the new mom or mom to be! As a new-ish mom, I’ve put together a list of my favorite items plus those that I wish I had had. While the best gift of all is the new bundle of joy, any of these items will surely be cherished by any new mom.

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