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Peach and Blueberry Crostata

Peach Blueberry Crostata | Plum Pie

I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired lately. Uninspired in the kitchen, uninspired to write, and even more uninspired to get up at 7 a.m. to exercise outside before it hits 100 degrees. I’m not sure if it is the endless heat wave in Dallas or my body telling me to slow down, but it sure feels like a “funk” and quite frankly, I am over it.

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Greek Lamb & Feta Burgers + Easy Tzatziki

Greek Lamb + Feta Burgers and Easy Tzatziki | Plum Pie

Greetings from Texas! I know, it has been ages. I am sure many of you are wondering if I just forgot about Plum Pie completely in a heat-induced memory coma.¬†Fear not, I could never forget! But I am just now beginning to feel like a normal person again after the move. The good news is that Andrew the H, Henry the dog, and I are finally moved in and semi-settled at our new house. We made the journey in less than a week with two stops, two very full cars, one adorable dog, and lots of Wendy’s kids meals (Admit it. You¬†love the mini frosty, too.). And once I found the Casey Anthony trial on Sirius XM’s HSN radio channel, the trip just flew by. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but it did provide some fascinating road trip entertainment.

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Fresh Squeezed Lemonade with Mint

homemade mint lemonade

Have you ever tried to make fresh squeezed lemonade? Because it is the bomb and so, so easy. Seriously, you will thank me later. In fact, it may change your entire summer. Promise. Have I convinced you to try it, yet? I had actually never made my own fresh squeezed lemonade until the summer of 1995 when I reached the apparent maximum on my lemonade spending allowance. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a lemonade allowance? Me either, until I had one. Let’s back up a bit shall we? Growing up, my family spent every summer in the then-sleepy beach town of Seaside, Florida. Some may recognize the location from The Truman Show, which launched the beginning of the New Seaside as we now know it. Hardly recognizable these days. True Hollywood Story.

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Deviled Eggs Three Ways

Deviled Eggs Three Ways | Plum Pie

Apparently, it’s good to be a tax lawyer in Charlottesville after tax day! Andrew the H has two days off this week…Surprise!! So, even though the weather report is threatening a few thunderstorms (which I will no longer take lightly, see last week’s events), we are going out to enjoy the cloud-covered sun. After weeks of seeing very little of Andrew on the weekends, I am excited to finally have some husband-wife time. Even if that means that I have to endure hours of the History Channel (seriously, how many Civil War shows can you possibly have? No disrespect, but geeeeeeze).

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Sinfully Delicious Cocoa Browned Butter Brownies

Brownies are true comfort food. Cakey, yet fudge-y, and completely decadent when topped with ice cream and served warm. When I got the newest issue of Bon Appetit magazine in the mail two weeks ago, I knew I would have to try the cover recipe, Brownies with Browned Butter and Walnuts. I love trying brownie recipes for some reason and these looked divine. And they did not disappoint. Gooey in the middle with a cake-like crust, these brownies may be some of the best I have tried.

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Peach Blackberry Crisp

There is the most amazing restaurant in Durham, NC that I used to make my parents take me to whenever they visited me in Chapel Hill throughout my college years there. Durham is just a short drive from Chapel Hill and many may ask why we made that trek even though there are so many exceptional restaurants in Chapel Hill. Well, my family is one to travel for good food, and Magnolia Grill really is that good. If you are ever in the area and happen to stop by there then you will immediately understand why we drove the extra 20 minutes for this fine food. And hey, I am not the only one that thinks this is one of the best restaurants in the area. Gourmet (rest in peace) named Magnolia Grill the 11th best restaurant (out of 50) in the country!

peaches and berries

I have always loved to cook and so naturally, my mom will give me cookbooks for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Karen Barker of Magnolia Grill’s cookbook was one such gift. In fact, I was a lucky girl that Christmas. I got both the dessert cookbook, Sweet Stuff: Karen Barker’s American Desserts and Not Afraid of Flavor: Recipes from Magnolia Grill (Find recipes from the book here). Both books have been two of my favorite cookbooks for years. They are perfect for those Sundays when you want to cook all day and need a challenge (though not all of the recipes are challenging). It is Southern flavor at its finest, and Karen Barker really knows how to crank out a delicious dessert. I have been making her version of a crisp for some time now and love using it when peach season rolls around. Fun fruit fact: blackberries are extremely nutritious and have tons of fiber. Who knew?

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Cherry Clafoutis

Landmine Pie. That is what my lovely fiance named this dessert that I slaved over for hours in the kitchen (okay, so maybe it was actually an incredibly easy dessert that took less than 30 minutes, but that is absolutely not the point.) I will be calling it by its real name, Cherry Clafoutis not Landmine Pie. Why Landmine Pie you ask? Please read on.

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