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Gifts for the Kiddos

Gift Guide for Toddlers and Babies1 Corolle Doll // 2 Easel // 3 Lion Umbrella // 4 Cow Apron // 5 Farm Wooden Puzzle // 6 Lucy Owl Stuffed Animal // 7 Flamingo Stuffed Animal // 8 Baby Doll Stroller // 9 Musical Egg Baby Rattle // 10 Pony Tails Soft Book // 11 Wooden Name Stool // 12 Wooden Animal Blocks // 13 Tutu and Headband // 14 Bibbie Bow Holder // 15 BlaBla Kids Lamb Pillow // 16 Finger Paint Set // 17 B. Toys Activity Block 

I am so excited about Christmas this year! At 20 months, Grace is still too young to understand about Santa (or at least I think she is?!) but she definitely understands the concept of opening presents! Here are a few things on her wish list and a few things she currently loves that would be the perfect gift for your little one under the tree.

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Menu Ideas: Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch Menu

Christmas morning has always been my favorite part of the year. I have such fond memories of waking up with my sister, often before sunrise, to dig into our stockings. Now, I prefer to sleep in until the sun comes up, but Christmas morning is still my favorite. I love snuggling around the fire in my Christmas pjs, slippers, and a cup of hot tea. We always have a delicious breakfast spread before we unwrap all of the presents under the tree. This year will be the most special as it is our first Christmas with Gracie. I know that she doesn’t understand Christmas yet and certainly won’t be unwrapping her own presents, but I can’t wait to see her face when she sees all of the wrapping paper and ribbons and tissue to play with. I can’t wait to start new traditions and celebrate old ones with my precious baby girl.

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